5 Characteristics of Customer-Centered Sites

5 Characteristics of Customer-Centered Sites

You want your site to give your customers a good impression when they visit it. The more people visit your site, the more possible leads you get. And the more customer-centric your site is, the more people will visit it. So what are some characteristics of customer-centered sites.

1. Speed

According to marketing influencer Neil Patel, almost half of your users expect websites to load in two seconds. Most of your users will only wait up to ten seconds before leaving your page. Invest in a faster site, and your customers will give you their time and eventually, their money.

2. Clear calls-to-action

You won’t get results if your site lacks clear calls to action. You need to psychologically push your customers for them to act. If they can’t find any “Buy Now” or “Subscribe Now” buttons on your site, then you might lose some valuable customers. Take the initiative and guide them to buy from you.

3. Client-focused content

Your clients don’t visit your website to read your life story. They visit your site because they’re interested in the products or services you can offer them so that they can solve a problem. Provide your customers with information on how to solve their problems. Focus on how you will help them.

4. Contact information

If your customers can’t find your contact information, then how are they going to reach out to you? Whether it’s your business’s phone number, email, or social media pages, a “Contact Us” section will allow your customers to communicate with you. This way, they can give you feedback, and they can feel heard.

5. Easy navigation

Is your website cluttered and confusing? Then don’t expect to get a lot of customers. Can they find what they’re looking for in the navigation bar? Or do they have to dig through layers of text and photos to get to what they’re looking for? The easier it is to navigate your website, the more comfortable your customers will be when using it.


If you want your business to succeed, then every element of your site must focus on your customers and what they want. They’re the heroes of the story, not you. A customer-centered site will encourage your customers to be loyal supporters of your brand.



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