Understanding Font Pairings

Not all typefaces will communicate the same message about your brand. Choosing which typefaces to use will depend on your brand. There are many possibilities, but we advise sticking to just two typefaces. You don’t want to accidentally use a typeface that miscommunicates your brand’s personality and vision, right?

Before delving into the best typeface pairings, let’s look at what the two main typeface classifications are—Serifs and Sans Serifs.

Within the Serif family there are subcategories such as Humanist Serif, Transitional Serif, Modern Serif, and Slab Serif. Some Serif typefaces include Baskerville, Bodoni, Garamond, and Clarendon, among others.

Subcategories within the Sans Serif family include Geometric Sans, Gothic Sans, Neo-Grotesque Sans, and Humanist Sans. Some Sans Serif typefaces include Futura, Helvetica, Gill Sans, and Franklin Gothic, among others.

Pairing different kinds of typefaces can be tricky. So we put together a short-list of what we think are the best typeface pairings you can use for your brand:

1. Wes Anderson Type Style

Inspired by the famous movie director, this combination is composed of a slab serif display paired with a geometric sans serif body text. You can use this combination if you’re going for a classic look with personality. For example, pairing up Rockwell and Futura would exemplify this style.

2. Classical Contemporary

Pairing up a modern serif with a grotesque sans-serif typeface will produce an elegant and contemporary look. The similar set-width and stroke movement of typefaces like Playfair Serif and Raleway make these a good combination. Because of its legibility, this typeface pairing works great for body copy.

3. Extended and Regular

You can pair two sans-serifs together by using an extended type design with a regular set width. For example, pairing up the typefaces Krona One and Roboto will give your brand an approachable and edgy look. This pairing has been in vogue for the past five years.

4. Modern Legibility

If you’re looking to establish your brand’s expertise, consider this type pairing. The sans-serif typeface will communicate sharpness and the serif one, expertise. Combining Montserrat and Lora can produce a contemporary yet authoritative vibe. This type pairing works well for brands who publish blog posts or journalistic articles.

5. Ornately Stylized

Aside from pairing typefaces, you can also use a stylized typeface to imbue your brand with extra personality. Very distinctive brands such as Mschf, Ray Gun, and fun ones like Fisher-Price and The Knot use this strategy. When using stylized scripts such as Lobster and Monoton, make sure you’re furthering your brand. Harming your brand image because you want to use a pretty typeface is not worth it.

If you found this post interesting but are still wondering how on earth you’ll manage to pair typefaces without messing up—and as a result misrepresent your brand—then contact us at Comet Agency!


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